The Official Classic Coffee Table Book

The Official Classic at Silverstone Coffee Table Book

No adverts will disrupt the action between the covers. Instead, your specific story will be woven into the content of the book to add to the experience. This is a once-off opportunity to reach out to your supporters and .

Published as the ultimate legacy celebration of the action that shaped the event over the last thirty years. Classic at – the book – is set to be an instant collector’s item.

This luxury tribute to the largest historic racing festival in the world is your opportunity to showcase your brands or race career for many years to come.

Our journalists conduct the interviews to reveal your authentic story. Our publishing team integrates your story seamlessly into the editorial of the book. Early bird packages from just £562, including free copies this luxury book.

It’s time to tell your story. 25% early-booking discounts apply till end of August 2021. Contact the Classic at Silverstone book publisher, Richard Webb, on +44 (0)74 3285 7155 to get involved.

Space is limited. To reserve your editorial profile or to arrange your interview, just complete the following:

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