Mercedes-Benz are known for the Best or Nothing, and it was clear from the start their 60th anniversary planning, that any coffee-table book to mark this momentus occasion should be entrusted to the world-leaders in story-telling coffee-table books.

The Challenge

Daimler management demand a very high level of trust with all suppliers, particularly in choosing a publishing partner. The marketing team were at full capacity with a global and national programme of car launches and dealer activations. They simply didn’t have the time or ‘bandwidth’ to manage the production of a world-class coffee-table book worthy of their cherished brand. The pressure was on to deliver a legacy book for key anniversary dates and a coordinated series of media and dealer events.

The Solution

Narrative Media outlined why they’d take unique approach for the brand, weaving in the cultural, political and lifestyle events against the backdrop of the history of the brand and its offerings. Content was re-purposed for social media and created a rich source of highly entertaining content that culimated in a well received collectible book on the brand.

The Results

“Beyond expectations,” said Claudia Mendes of Daimler Benz. It went on to become the biggest-selling automotive book in sub-Sahara Africa – milestone for the three-pointed-star. Subsequent re-prints ensured every single member of the workforce received a copy such was the impact of the book. Widlely praisied by fans, owners media and dealers, the book is currently being updated to reflect record success for the brand.

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