Aston Martin DB4 GT

Carefully marketing a run of just 25 Aston Martin DB4 GT Continuation models to discerning buyers at £1.5 million each requires a very special touch. It comes naturally to us, as we create the form of words that spark the imagination of countless enthusiasts and just 25 buyers to commission their own piece of Aston Martin history.

The Challenge

In a very busy market where an increasing number of automotive brands are launching multi-million pound continuation models, it was essential to position these offerings in the most perfect way. Finding the right tone of voice and deciding what to take out and what to leave in made a time sensitive challenge important to outsource to experienced content producers.

The Solution

Our experience in this demanding market enabled us to immediately hit the right tone in a beautifully crafted coffee-table book. Given the Continuation is hand built in the same location as its illustrious forebears, we created content with all the hallmarks of a hand-crafted David Brown era car with sympathetic application of modern engineering.

The Results

The project was a well-documented success for the brand with all 25 cars sold to owners and the book remains a part of their own piece of Aston Martin history.

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